Jeremy Deedes supports parents whose kids have left home as they grow their wealth, find their purpose and live with grace and style.
  • Resilience is central to your life after the kids leave home. It helps you survive life’s curveballs and is the foundation for flourishing wealth and purpose. Find out how resilient you are with my comprehensive Personal Resilience Assessment Programme.
  • Life after the kids can feel confused and directionless. Discover how my signature FUTURE Online Coaching Programme can support you as you reorganise your life and money so you grow your wealth, find a new purpose and live with grace and elegance.

Are you feeling you haven’t done enough
to protect your way of life since the kids left home?

With the kids away,
you might now
be thinking about…

  • Your health: Do you stand on the scales or look in the mirror after you shower and get the first inklings you need to start taking better care of yourself?
  • Your relationships: Maybe you go out to dinner with your loved one and wonder how your relationship will change as the purpose of your life changes.
  • Your work: Perhaps you get home in the evening and worry about your security if you lose your job through poor health or redundancy.
  • Your money: Or do you worry, when you go shopping, you still spend as much as when the children lived at home instead of making the savings you anticipated?
  • Your family: Perhaps you return from visiting your parents, anxious about how you’ll look after them as they become less mobile.

If these expectations are making you anxious…

It’s time for you to take my comprehensive Personal Resilience Assessment Programme and learn why, now the kids have left home, you need to make immediate changes to manage “life’s curveballs”… all in under an hour.

When you take the assessment, you will learn:

  • Why you find yourself increasingly worried about circumstances beyond your control since you’ve become empty nesters and what you can do immediately. (It’s not what you think.)
  • How to evaluate and set priorities so that you can strengthen your resilience and thrive, not just survive.
  • Exactly – in concrete, tailored-for-you steps – what you can do now to clarify your purpose and shore up the foundations of your future wealth.

Not knowing leads to more anxiety than knowing where you stand, even if it is not good.

Here’s how it works…

First, you will conduct an online assessment of your resilience and then take part in a personal evaluation call with Jeremy Deedes. When you complete the programme (which will take under an hour) you will have:

  • A detailed report identifying strengths and weaknesses in your resilience
  • Conclusions from a 45-minute one-to-one evaluation call with Jeremy Deedes
  • A list of immediate priority tasks to dispel feelings of anxiety and uncertainty
  • A first step to considering how to build your wealth and enhance your way of life
  • Additional resources as required

Act now!

Discover how vulnerable you are to changes in your health, finances, career, relationships and more.

This was a truly liberating experience and at the end I was able to make decisions, both financial and life style, based on a clear understanding of my financial situation and realistic aspirations.

Gerry Pettet

Commanding Officer, HM Forces

The Personal Resilience Assessment Programme is a new service
offered with a 20 per cent discount to the first ten subscribers.
Please use the code PRAP20 at the checkout.

Embrace Your FUTURE

Are You Ready To Tackle Your Anxieties
And Plan A Life Of Security And Purpose?

Discover my signature FUTURE coaching packages: a transformative journey towards a secure, purposeful and more spiritual life after the kids leave home.

I believe in empowering individuals to grow wealth, make a meaningful impact, and live with grace and style. With my personalized coaching program, I’ll guide you towards developing and achieving your new aspirations, helping you navigate the obstacles that hold you back and unleashing the incredible possibilities that lie within.

Ready to rock? Embrace change. Embrace your FUTURE today!

My coaching programmes are founded on the principle that spirituality, wealth and impact form a virtuous circle.

Are you ready to leave the shadows of anxiety and embrace a life filled with security, purpose, and boundless growth?

Then let me take you on a journey…

Step 1 Build a FOUNDATION of self-awareness and regain peace of mind

Our first step is to create a picture of what’s happening and how you feel about it, covering everything from your mindset to your wealth.

Maybe you wake up some mornings feeling anxious and uncertain, especially now that the kids have flown the nest and old routines and challenges have vanished.

Understanding where you are now, even if you’re unhappy with your situation, will ease your anxiety.

We do this step first to establish a firm foundation and give you peace of mind as you make informed decisions and build a plan for the future.

Step 2 Explore your UTOPIA and light your torch

In this step, you’ll work out what you want your life to become so that you have a clear idea of where you’ll be heading.

 Maybe you’d like to set up your own business, volunteer, take up or improve a skill, or travel more.

You will decide who you want to be, what you want to have, what you want to do, and the values you want to live by.

We do this step now because setting your new direction and identifying clear goals will light your torch and give you the vigour, energy, and drive to realise your dreams.

Step 3 Master your challenges and begin your TRANSFORMATION

This is our opportunity to address practical and emotional challenges that arose as you crafted your vision.

Maybe you’ve found yourself struggling with feelings of fear, worthlessness, being undervalued, and “I can’t…”

Or, maybe practical concerns about your health, finances, and networks have surfaced.

Doing this step now ensures you deal with challenges and make steady progress towards the wiser, more resilient people you are.

Step 4 UTILISE YOUR RESOURCES and strengths

It is time to let your priorities come before those of your children.

Maybe you’ve let your children stop you from achieving your aspirations in the past.

In this step, you will identify and apply existing and newly discovered strengths and resources to achieve your vision.

We do this step now to ensure you have the time, money and skills you need to grow, thrive and flourish.

Step 5 Establish your ROADMAP to utopia

We now consolidate and organise your ideas into a written action plan, so your life becomes organised enough to think ahead and focus on yourself.

Maybe you hate planning! Or, maybe this is the first time you’ve truly thought about how you want to spend your days.

Whatever your experience, you’ll decide how to use your newly released time for holidays, parties, a course you want to attend, other work, or perhaps to address your parents’ health challenges.

The result? You will be overjoyed.

Step 6 ENGAGE with the world

Having addressed many day-to-day challenges and discussed your ideas with family, friends and colleagues, you will commit to your plan by sharing your intentions with the people who mean the most to you.

Maybe as you developed your vision, you discovered some people were supportive while others were less enthusiastic.

This step allows you to vanquish any remaining vulnerabilities in your life or with your money and confidently commit to a life with security and renewed purpose.

Imagine how proud your children will be, almost as proud as you are of them!

Book a free 20-minute call with Jeremy Deedes and discover how FUTURE can work for you.

Jeremy got me to think and identify what was really important to me in my life at any particular time, identifying achievable short-, medium and long-term life goals. During our time working together, I was faced with some difficult personal challenges, yet was able to spend two months in Canada training to be a ski instructor, spend a month volunteering at an eco-resort in Portugal, undertake a course in personal and business coaching as well as enjoying a number of cookery courses and tango classes in a different part of Europe. I have stripped away the need to consume and am lucky enough to invest the spare income that I have in experiences for myself and latterly share these with my partner.

Simon Lees

Owner and director, Countryside Training Partnership