Are you feeling you haven’t done enough
to protect your way of life since the kids left home?



With the kids away,
you might now
be thinking about…

  • Your health: Do you stand on the scales or look in the mirror after you shower and get the first inklings you need to start taking better care of yourself?
  • Your relationships: Maybe you go out to dinner with your loved one and wonder how your relationship will change as the purpose of your life changes.
  • Your work: Perhaps you get home in the evening and worry about your security if you lose your job through poor health or redundancy.
  • Your money: Or do you worry, when you go shopping, you still spend as much as when the children lived at home instead of making the savings you anticipated?
  • Your family: Perhaps you return from visiting your parents, anxious about how you’ll look after them as they become less mobile.

If these expectations are making you anxious…

It’s time for you to take my comprehensive Personal Resilience Assessment Programme and learn why, now the kids have left home, you need to make immediate changes to manage “life’s curveballs”… all in under an hour.

When you take the assessment, you will learn:

  • Why you find yourself increasingly worried about circumstances beyond your control since you’ve become empty nesters and what you can do immediately. (It’s not what you think.)
  • How to evaluate and set priorities so that you can strengthen your resilience and thrive, not just survive.
  • Exactly – in concrete, tailored-for-you steps – what you can do now to clarify your purpose and shore up the foundations of your future wealth.

Not knowing leads to more anxiety than knowing where you stand, even if it is not good.

Here’s how it works…

First, you will conduct an online assessment of your resilience and then take part in a personal evaluation call with Jeremy Deedes. When you complete the programme (which will take under an hour) you will have:

  • A detailed report identifying strengths and weaknesses in your resilience
  • Conclusions from a 45-minute one-to-one evaluation call with Jeremy Deedes
  • A list of immediate priority tasks to dispel feelings of anxiety and uncertainty
  • A first step to considering how to build your wealth and enhance your way of life
  • Additional resources as required

Act now!

Discover how vulnerable you are to changes in your health, finances, career, relationships and more.

This was a truly liberating experience and at the end I was able to make decisions, both financial and life style, based on a clear understanding of my financial situation and realistic aspirations.

Gerry Pettet

Commanding Officer, HM Forces

The Personal Resilience Assessment Programme is
available at a 50 per cent discount until 15 Dec 23 to mark Resilience Month.
Please use the code PRAP50 at the checkout.