An exploration meeting to discover the story in your numbers
and map your route to wealth, calm, confidence and clarity

An exploration meeting to discover the story in your numbers and map your route to wealth, calm, confidence and clarity

Navigator for Independent Consultants

Do you want to keep your independent lifestyle and live as if each day was your last?

Are you worried your money will not last your lifetime and your wisdom and experience will go to waste if you cannot continue to make a difference?

If so, the Navigator programme, a heart-to-heart conversation with a qualified coach, is an opportunity for you to address issues that concern you as an experienced but anxious independent consultant.

This coaching session will reveal the story behind your numbers and set you on the path to prioritising your challenges and opportunities, understanding your strengths, and navigating the long-term route to a life where you can maximise the use of your wisdom, skills and energy without losing the freedom to enjoy yourself.

Navigator will help you understand how coaching can give you the clarity, motivation, and confidence to make the most of your independent life. It is your opportunity to decide if coaching is your best route to a calm, confident and purposeful life.

Life for older independent consultants is different in many ways

You are an independent consultant and your own boss, running your own business, living a portfolio life, and generating multiple income streams. Probably aged 45 to 60, you are at an age when conflicting professional, personal, and family changes require your leadership, and money comes into every decision.

Do you find that some or all of the topics in the box are beginning to come up in your conversations with family members and colleagues?

Your health and fitness

❓ Your purpose and reason for being

❓ Your money and finances

❓ Your relationships with family and friends

❓ Your work, self-employment and retirement

❓ Your empty, quiet home, now rich in equity

❓ Your parents and their future care

Asking for help is not a weakness

Navigator is an important first step in uncovering some of the gremlins and self-doubts stopping you from resolving these challenges and taking advantage of opportunities to blaze a brighter trail in the future.

With Navigator, you will get:

  1. The conversation you wished you had years ago.
  2. The story and meaning behind your financial numbers.
  3. Peace of mind as you prioritise your challenges and plan how to deal with them
  4. Excitement as you identify your best opportunities and decide on your first steps to making the most of them.
  5. Confidence from an understanding of your strengths and resources.
  6. Energy, vigour and accountability from a clear set of measurable first steps.
  7. Motivation to get stuff done with three months’ quick chat coaching and your Personal Accountability Page.
  8. An opportunity to talk about coaching and decide if the signature FUTURE Online programme can help you create the life of calm, confidence and purpose you aspire to.

Here’s how it works…

I’ll ask you to complete a brief assessment of your situation and compile a set of financial statements to the best of your ability. Then, you will hop on a 90-minute Zoom coaching call with me. Afterwards, I’ll give you three months of access by email or text to quick coaching and a Personal Accountability Page for your notes, goals, and progress on your action points.

 How much does it cost?

  • £220/$280 for a 90-minute 1-2-1 coaching and exploration session, followed by quick text coaching and access to your own Accountability Page for three months

Who is the Navigator for?

Navigator will be suitable for you if:

  • You are an experienced and senior independent consultant, probably leading a portfolio life with multiple income streams
  • You are between 45 and 60; your children have left home in the last ten years.
  • You are experiencing personal dilemmas and anxieties about issues such as money, health work, support networks, self-awareness, and caring for your parents.
  • Your challenges, fear of change, or risk aversion are holding you back from taking opportunities to re-design your life.
  • You want help resolving these dilemmas and consider yourself “coachable” and willing to change.