Meet Jeremy Deedes.

Jeremy is a life coach and former financial life planner. He typically helps clients organise their lives and money and develop plans to achieve their aspirations in three months. He is known for redefining the lives of parents who feel lost after their kids leave home, and his mission is to leave his clients feeling rediscovered.

Jeremy’s story

When my son Alex left school in 2015, he revelled in the freedom and adventure of adulthood. On the other hand, I grieved at saying farewell to the students, fellow parents and teachers who, over a decade, had become a part of our family. How would we find a new community of friends to replace the school gate crowd as they went their separate ways?

But that was not all. I was nearly 60 at the time, and having relinquished my parenting and financial life-planning jobs, I fell prey to worry and anxiety around money, health, fitness, purpose and more. I had always assumed I could beat the world at anything it threw at me, but now I realise this was not a helpful assumption.

Instead, I wondered if, as a couple, our money would last us for the rest of our lives. I asked myself if my decision to sell my business and retire was sensible, financially and personally. As my half-marathon time got longer instead of shorter, I wanted to know how I would maintain my health and fitness. And I wondered, from a personal, financial and practical point of view, if I could continue volunteering my time and resources to the projects I had so recently become involved in.

Empty nest challenges

These were just some of the challenges that arose in the years after my son left school. My father had already died by then, after a prolonged deterioration in his mind and body, and I suppose it was fortunate that I only had to split my attention between my father and my son for a short time, unlike some of my previous clients who found this a challenging situation.

So, yes, I’ve been there, done it and got the tee-shirt. I understand the challenges of life after the kids finish school. And it’s not just “empty nest syndrome”. Everything you have pushed to one side as you focus on your children hits you as you reach the age where the kids leave home.

Renewing purpose, delivering dreams

I used my professional and personal experience to replan my life and ensure my wife and I could keep active and contributing. I launched my new coaching business, which rekindled my purpose in life and helped me financially. I led an international group of business owners to publish the Enough book. I continued my voluntary work, looking after sick and disabled people in France for two weeks each year and serving as a trustee to the local College alumni association. With my wife and others, I worked to build our village community and take over the publication of our village newsletter. These brought new friendships and connections; we will not be alone as we age.

I reworked my financial plan and now know our money will outlast us, giving us scope to travel and use time for unpaid volunteering activities. Importantly, this has also removed one of our most significant sources of anxiety.

I knew the end of school would be a pivotal moment in our family lives, but I had failed to grasp the extent to which other issues would rear their head so soon. I applied the process that had worked so well with my financial life planning clients and came up with a way forward that enabled me to discover a new purpose in my life, continue to grow, develop, contribute and live with style and grace

I can help you do it, too.

I can help you do it, too. As a 30-year financial planning veteran, during which I became the UK’s first registered financial life planner, I understand how confusing life can be as your world changes after the kids leave home.

Now having relinquished my authorisation to provide financial advice to become a life coach and Member of the International Coach Federation, I help parents like you whose children have left home to organise their life and money so that they can grow their personal and financial wealth, be a force for beneficial change and live with grace and style.

Let’s talk

Let’s talk about how I can support you as you address your life and money, so you stop worrying and live with purpose and style.

Book a call. Let’s get you making a difference.



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