Jeremy Deedes supports parents whose kids have left home as they grow their wealth, find their purpose and live with grace and style.

My Story

Of the three critical forks in the road of my life, the choice I made on 13 July 2004 has had the most significant impact.


Brought up in Yorkshire as an only childunwanted, unsupported and lonely

Unwillingly followed in my family’s footstepsundervalued, self-doubt, missed opportunities

Publicly humiliated after a grave error of judgmentbetrayed, afraid and insecure for two decades

Followed unrealistic dreams of fear and greedshame as income and assets dried up.

Awarded three university degreesrealised learning is critical to personal growth

Found love, started a family and a businesslearnt from my mistakes, my greatest asset


Brought up by retired parents living a quiet lifevowed to help others live with meaning and purpose

Recovered from a calamitous financial mistakedriven to promote the importance of a good relationship to money

Experienced five directionless years after parenting ‘job’ endedpledged to support other empty nesters in the same boat


Qualified as the UK’s first registered financial life plannerpromoted the movement, published books, spoke at events

Found friends and colleagues who lived by compassion and servicerewrote my values to live with integrity

Built a business founded on leading-edge life and financial coaching and advicehelped clients live with understanding, security and purpose

Woke one morning knowing I had mastered my life and moneyrealised compassion and service count for more than fear and greed

I am enough, and I have enoughI am in a good place