My journey from self-centeredness, fear, and shame to meaning, wealth, and contribution drives my mission today.

My mistakes are my greatest asset

I’ve made mistakes in the past. I screwed up big time as a young adult, leaving me publicly humiliated. My more severe mistake was failing to deal with the consequences for years, which left me feeling worthless, ashamed and afraid to take up the opportunities to rebuild my life.

And a poor relationship with money led to reckless decisions without considering the financial implications. 1989, I bought a house with a mortgage, but the financial strain was excruciating as interest rates doubled from 7% to 15%. I was unprepared and mismanaged my finances, which led me to the brink of bankruptcy.

By my mid-30s, I had realised that my mistakes were my greatest asset, and I set about learning from them and using them.

Jeremy Deedes journey

My journey as a freelance consultant and business owner

In 2005, I became the UK’s first Registered Financial Life Planner. During my training, I met friends and colleagues whose values of compassion, kindness, and growth were the antithesis of my past and which I readily adopted. They helped me regain my feet and live fearlessly, compassionately, and spiritually.

Today, I have over 35 years of experience as a freelance business consultant, financial planner, and life coach. I founded Planning for Life, a high-tech, high-touch systematised service, so most of my fee income came from servicing existing clients rather than taking on new ones.

I designed my unique FUTURE program to combine life coaching and financial planning so clients can build a healthy relationship with money and plan for their work, life and finances.

As an Ambassador for the Kinder Institute in the UK and a director of the Institute of Financial Planning for two terms, I have been at the forefront of changing attitudes in the personal financial services industry towards clients and their money.

I am the author of Right Money, Right Place, Right Time (2015), and I led an international collaboration to publish Enough: Unlock a Life of Abundance Starting Right Where You Are (2022).

It’s not all work

Outside work, I enjoy walking, running, cycling, and reading. I have trekked the Pennine Way, trail-blazed the original West Highland Way, and walked parts of the Inca Trail, Antalya and the Anti-Atlas Mountains.

I have completed 20 half-marathons, including the Great North Run seventeen times, and participated in numerous 10k races. In 2022, I joined a team to cycle part of the North Coast 500, raising over £20,000 for charity.

I volunteer with sick and disabled people in France for two weeks each year and publish a newsletter and website for the village where I live.

My challenges are your challenges.

When I was nearly 60, and having relinquished my parenting and financial life-planning jobs, I fell prey to worry and anxiety around money, health, fitness, purpose and more. I had always assumed I could beat the world at anything it threw at me, but now I realise this was not a helpful assumption.

Instead, I wondered if, as a couple, our money would last us for the rest of our lives. I asked myself if my decision to sell my financial planning business was sensible, financially and personally. As my half-marathon time got longer instead of shorter, I wanted to know how I would maintain my health and fitness. And I wondered, from a personal, financial and practical point of view, if I could continue volunteering my time and resources to the projects I had so recently become involved in.

So, yes, I’ve been there, done it, and got the tee shirt. I understand life’s challenges for seasoned freelancers, who are torn between not letting their skills and wisdom go to waste, living as if each day was their last, and worrying about whether their money will outlast them.

My journey from self-centeredness, fear, and shame to meaning, wealth, and contribution drives my mission today. I can help you overcome anxieties over your finances, purpose and later life challenges with my FUTURE programme, and my short NAVIGATOR programme will help you decide on the best way forward, as well as give you some experience of my coaching.

Renewing purpose, delivering dreams

Today, I work with experienced but overwhelmed independent consultants so that they become financially mature and organised and create a plan to achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals confidently and clearly.

I created my FUTURE programme so you don’t have to worry about money at night or whether you are living a life of meaning and purpose by day.

I work with seasoned independent consultants to make sense of their finances and develop a better relationship with their money. This transformative approach allows my clients to achieve their personal and professional goals with confidence and clarity, paving the way for a calmer, more fulfilling path at home and work

My clients said…

As an owner of a small business my motivation for beginning to work with Jeremy was a need to make sense of my financial situation bringing together a number of different investments so that I could get an overview of what was actually happening.

Jeremy got me to think and identify what was really important to me in my life at any particular time, identifying achievable short, medium and long term life goals. I have stripped away the need to consume and am lucky enough to invest the spare income that I have in experiences for myself and latterly share these with my partner.

Jeremy offers realistic advice, challenge, support and good humour in equal measure and I would not hesitate to recommend working with him if you are at all curious about finding out life and financial coaching.

Simon Lees

Director, Countryside Training Ltd

With Jeremy’s help and advice we are able to enjoy ourselves safe in the knowledge that our futures are taken care of.

Bill Port

Hon Secretary, Bentley owners Club

Talking to Jeremy (…) was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Jeremy’s methods seemed to be different from day one, in that all the focus was on what we wanted out of life when we were able to retire and then illustrating how he meant to achieve that for us. There was no talk of investing in particular stocks and shares and no projections based on spurious rates of interest, which is what I’d expected. Instead, we were shown how, with little tweaks in the way we managed our money, we would be able to afford the things we wanted over the coming years.

Working with Jeremy  has been a pleasure. He is a friendly, considerate and honest man and I would recommend him to anyone.

Mick Scott

Director and publisher, Go Local

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