Jeremy Deedes supports parents whose kids have left home as they grow their wealth, find their purpose and live with grace and style.

Life After The Kids Can Feel Confused And Directionless

One-to-one Coaching Will Support You
As you Reorganise Your Life and Your Money

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Empty nesters face new challenges…

Even the most resourceful
and determined parents
struggle with three
typical problems
when the kids
leave home.

  • No peace of mind. You are worried because you don’t know if your money is about to run out, your health is about to fail, your job is about to disappear – and the kids don’t ring.
  • No purpose. The kids have gone, and after 20+ years of working to pay for them, supporting them and nurturing them, you have no idea where to go next.
  • No plans. You know it’s time to reorganise your lives and finances, but you don’t know where to start or where you want to get to.

Instead, imagine your life where…

… you calmly discuss with your partner at New Year how you each want to spend your time and money this coming year without getting anxious or defensive about your aspirations or money.

… you use your Saturday mornings to get fit rather than driving your kids to football practice and punch the air with triumph as you shave another 20 seconds off your 10k time.

… you check your email over morning coffee and discover with delight that three more courses have sold overnight after your decision to turn an occasional hobby into a popular and profitable online business.

How would it feel to have a guide to support you as you reset?

Hi, I’m Jeremy

“This time of your life can be perplexing for you and your partner. You’ve got many years ahead of you, and you don’t want to waste them. You just don’t know how to make the most of the time in a way that will make your kids as proud of you as you are of them.

“But there is a path from confused past-parent to the force for good you want to be. As a coach with 25+ years financial life planning experience, I will support you as you deal with your gremlins, design your future life and deliver your plan to get there.”

Signature Coaching Programme

Set your FUTURE Direction

FUTURE Online is my 12-week coaching programme to help you and your partner reorganise your lives and money now the children have left home.

I’ll facilitate and support you as you reset for your future, showing you what to do, when, and why it needs to be done.

Together, we will replace all that uncertainty and indecision with direction, purpose, energy – and fun – and help you to adapt and thrive.

  • Stop worrying and sleep well at night 
  • Enjoy meaningful, purposeful days
  • Become resilient to social and economic pressures
  • Build a flourishing net worth and self-worth
  • Slay your scarcity dragons and regain control
  • Bring your life and values into harmony
  • Build a legacy that won’t be forgotten

Client experiences

It was a revelation to me to look at things, as I felt, “the other way round” (…) Now, there is an increased sense of making decisions and control, whereas I used to feel very much as though I was at the mercy of forces I couldn’t control.

Mrs Lynn Holmes

Speech Therapist, NHS

Jeremy is very straightforward, extremely competent and very approachable – he is more like a friend than a coach.

Bill and Thelma Port

Hon Sec (now retired), The Bentley Owners Club

Jeremy has given us a structure so that we can realise a vision and purpose for our lives but most of all helped us understand how to make the most of what we have. (…)  we now have a greater sense of security, confidence and understanding.

Kit and Caroline Dollard

Freelancers, Ecclesiastical charities

Purpose and wealth are just three steps away…

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