Supporting empty nesters who have survived parenthood to organise their money and lives so they can grow wealthy, make an impact and thrive spiritually

Are you an empty nester, feeling fulfilled at having survived parenthood and also feeling empty, directionless and drained?

If so, I am here to support you as you reorganise your life and money to grow your wealth, impact the world and thrive spiritually as you rediscover your purpose in life

My name is Jeremy Deedes. I am a coach and former financial planner.

I am known for making your goals, strengths and financial organisation the foundation of your personal growth and success. I typically help you develop a plan to reshape your life and money in three months.

For over thirty years, I was at the forefront of revolutionary changes in how the financial advisory community helped clients develop their life and financial plans. In 2007 I became the first registered financial life planner in the UK. However, being authorised had its drawbacks, so I relinquished my FCA permission to focus on creating a powerful combination of life coaching and financial planning based on my expertise, experience, and new approaches to the role of money in achieving aspirations.

Fulfilled and directionless

Raising your children is a full-time job lasting twenty years or more. Hopefully, when it’s over, you feel a sense of fulfilment but may also feel a sense of loss, empty and directionless. Your sense of purpose and identity needs adjusting. And children are expensive, leaving your energy and wealth, as well as your connections, skills and even your generosity of spirit, depleted.

My programmes will help you create and plan a new direction for your life and money in your post-children world, and I provide support and training in life and financial skills as you implement your plan. I will enhance your self-belief, develop your self-awareness, help you formulate new goals, get you financially well-organised and develop the life skills and strengths you need to take you through the next stage of your life.

Ensure your children are as proud of you as you are of them

Conversation changes lives, and my programmes consist of conversations, teaching, and a community for empty nesters. I am known for redefining the lives of parents who feel lost after their kids leave home, and my mission is to ensure your children become as proud of you as you are of them.